Sana Vincos

Mastiff, Polish Hunting Dog,

French Bulldog & Beauceron

Health, Construction and Mentality

Bore and Tosca have done great Behavior and Personality tests! 

Aurore is the new star in the kennel. She is Maddes feauture traning and competion star

Swedish Mastiff Club show for all dogs 2018-08-26

Färnäs, Mora Sweeden

Frykas Kolonia Bazynska "Bore" and Needful Thing's Walk Of Fame "Tosca" has been showed 26/8-2018.


Frykas Kolonia Bazynska became Best Of Breed with honors Price

and Needful Thing's Walk Of Fame became Best Of opposit sex with honors price.


Judge was: Kristina "Kricko" Stenhols.