Sana Vincos

Mastiff, Polish Hunting Dog,

French Bulldog & Beauceron

Health, Construction and Mentality

Zondor's Sir Charming Savesco 

DOB: 2011-01-26

R.I.P: 2019-01-14 Do to an accident

Mother: Zondor's Beloved Savannah

Father: Ionesco Du Domaine De Straz

BPH - Done with gunshot (Behavior and Personality test )

HD: A/A ED: 0/0

Show - Excellent

Working: SE VCH (bloodtracking champion) The first Mastiff  ever in sweden to conquer the title.

Owner: Helén Witasp, Kennel Sana Vincos

Breeding: Sired two litters in Sweden at kennel Ugly Dog´s