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Sana Vincos

Mastiff, Polish Hunting Dog,

French Bulldog & Beauceron

Health, Construction and Mentality

Im Madelen Johansson and is 31 years old. I live in Skultuna, Sweden with my fiance Staffan and our 2 kids Malou and Emilio. Im working as a personal assistent to a teenage girl. I have had the Mastiff breed since 2009. Im interested in food, training, health and mentality. The most beatiful to see is a good constructed mastiff moving, with good attitude but still the kindness. When i was younger i was competing in weightpull with my Pitbull male and American Staffordshire terrier female. I was traning obedience, freestyle and tracking. So i have alot of experience of

training and competing. I will not breed in a big scale. Im breeding when i think i want a puppy to myself and i belive that the breeding is going to be better than the parents and bring the breed forward. I keep my dogs in good shape and do not keep them overweight.

Im Helén Witasp and i live in Dalarna, Sweden with my dogs. The Mastiffs Ivan and Anna and the little Polish Hunting Dog, Bore. We are spending a lot of time in the woods that is our neighbor. Ivans brother Savesco was the first Mastiff ever in sweden to conquer the title SE VCH -Swedish blood tracking champion. Ivan is number two, we hope more Mastiffs will follow! I try to keep my dogs in good shape, and dont allow them to get overweight. They deserve to have a happy active life and be able to move free and sound. I work as a excavator operator, mostly in the woods building roads so the dogs can come with me at work. I grew up with a Dachshund and the first thing i did when i moved to my own place was getting a dog on my own, it was a Karelian Bear dog. I have had dogs all my life and Mastiffs since 2004.