In Memory

Sana Vincos

Mastiff, Polish Hunting Dog,

French Bulldog & Beauceron

Health, Construction and Mentality

Zondor's Sir Charming Savesco 

DOB: 2011-01-26

R.I.P: 2019-01-14 Do to an accident

Mother: Zondor's Beloved Savannah

Father: Ionesco Du Domaine De Straz

BPH - Done with gunshot (Behavior and Personality test )

HD: A/A ED: 0/0

Show - Excellent

Working: SE VCH (bloodtracking champion) The first Mastiff  ever in sweden to conquer the title.

Owner: Helén Witasp, Kennel Sana Vincos

Breeding: Sired two litters in Sweden at kennel Ugly Dog´s

My soulmate....

Kadija Enjoy Tilly

Mother: Kadija Create Gaby Princess

Father: Lazybones Teddy

DoB: 2014-10-20

RIP: 2018-03-27

HD:  C/D  ED:  1/0

BPH: Done with gunshot (behavior and personality test)

Show: Excellent, CAC, CQ and BOS

BPH Movie

Tilly was my warrior, my big love. She did understand me like no one else did.

She was the sweetest one and loved her family and friends more than life and

guarding only when she had to. She had so big personality. Always happy and a

bit crazy. We will miss you so much my sweetheart! Always loved and missed!

Tilly was never includeed in the breeding program, she had a Enlarged esophagus, and one of he hips was jumping out of joints. She died becuse of a metrits. 

Moloss Pink Marshmallow

DOB: 2016-03-08

Mother: Moloss Hoop De Doo

Father: Zuma's Razz Ma Tazz

BPH - Done with gun shoot(Behavior and Personality test )

Patella - ComingPDE - Coming

Show - Excellent with CAC and CQ

Owner: Kennel Moloss and Kennel Sana Vincos-

BPH Movie

Hedda is a very funny girl. She is always happy and loves everyone. She loves all training och has a really good "will to please". She is traning nosework and Rally obedience. She use to be with me at work as an social service dog (she is not examined)!


Sormus´s Caliber


DOB: 2004

RIP: 2011

Dam: Fia

Sir: Mike Tyson


ED: 2

Show: NORD UCH, C.I.B.

MH: Mentality description

Never used for breeding.

Died of complications do to hypreosinophilic syndrome.


Sormus´s Enorm


DOB: 2005

RIP: 2011

Dam: Fia

Sir: Mike Tyson


ED: 3


Never used for breeding.

Died of complications do to his severe hip and elbow dysplasia.