Needful Thing's Walk Of Fame

DOB: 2018-03-22

Mother: Needful Thing's Ticket To Success

Father: Valter Od Kuce Don

BPH - Done with gunshot (Behavior and Personality test )

Patella - To Young

Heart - To Young

Show - Good 
Working - RallyObedience Novice class 61 points! 

Owner: Kennel Needful Thing's and Kennel Sana Vincos

Tosca is a happy puppy with alot of drive. She is full of happines and is a real Rascal.  She is easy so traing and im lookig forward to start training real with her and show her. She have a little bit nose and tail.

Sana Vincos

Mastiff, Polish Hunting Dog,

French Bulldog & Beauceron

Health, Construction and Mentality